Miss Merciless


Favourite music genre:
Alissa White-Gluz and Amy Lee are great role models for me!
I love metal/metalcore/hardcore. But there are some great songs in almost all kind of genres i think.

Hidden talent:
I can remember pointless facts nobody cares about (and forget about the important things)

My guilty pleasure song:
Let it Go from the movie “Frozen”
(Why am i so obsessed with this song???)

I love music because:
Music puts you into another world. You can express all kind of feelings in music.
It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are, what colour you are or what size you are. Music is for everybody. Music is life.



Favourite music genre:
Everything where Matt Greiner is playing drums and Metal/Hardcore

Hidden talent:
I can grow a perfect mustache in less than 2,5 month

My guilty pleasure song:
The Darkness – I believe in a thing called love

I love music because:
I met a lot of awesome people and bands. It’s my favourite hobby since i was 4 years old


Bass & Shouts

Favourite Music genre:
The stuff “The Browning” plays, so something like synthdeathtrancecoremetal

Hidden Talent:
Plug a USB Stick in on the first try

My guilty pleasure song:
Scissor Sisters – I Don´t feel like dancin’

I love Music because:
Did anybody ever asked you why you breath? It´s technically the same…


Guitar & Backvocals

Favourite music genre:
A wide variety from (Heavy/Epic) Metal to Orchestrial (Film) Music

Hidden talent:
I’m good at remembering lyrics, especially when i don’t like the songs

My guilty pleasure song:
Avicii – Levels

I love music because:
Life would only be half as exciting without music